One to One Coaching

The Grass can be Greener!

 Executive & Personal Development Coching

 ‘Allowing you the time and space to explore your personal and professional goals -supporting you as you define the best route for your personal journey of discovery’

One to one coaching is designed to help individuals take personal responsibility for their life and career development. Focusing o­n personal and professional goals and integrating these two aspects of the individual creating a sense of balance and harmony. We will work together to focus o­n achieving your personal and professional goals, using techniques and models that are straightforward to apply to all areas of your life.

Achieving your potential

As individuals we are capable of achieving anything o­nce we understand, identify and change the way we feel, hear and see the interference’s that get in our way. These blocks may be linked to our emotional reaction to past events and present situations our aim with you is to remove and or change the way you view the world. Helping you to feel that you are moving forward and orchestrating your life and achieving your inner desires and goals.

Put your life back on track – the grass can be greener on the other side and together we will help you over the fence to the other side

Why use a Coach? Individuals use the services of a coach because they want someone who is completely outside their work and home situation, who will help them to uncover and discover a clear perspective o­n their life situation. Someone who will support and guide them in their decision making process without leading or presuming what is right for you. Friends, colleagues, family and employers cannot fill this role normally because they have a stake in the outcome. It is true to say that they know you now, not who you wish to become. Who am I? My name is Miranda Stephenson and I have been working in the areas of human development for many years. Working with individuals, teams and organisation to improve and develop communication skills with others and most importantly the way in which we communicate with ourselves and how this helps and or hinders our progress in life.  I have studied human behaviour in my work for in excess of ten years and a qualified teacher of the Louise Hay workshops, an NLP and Emotional Intelligence practitioner, an accredited coach with the coaching academy and also taking my degree with the Open University in Psychology.

Contact Details Miranda Stephenson 

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