Individually designed to achieve your personal and business objectives

Examples of workshop titles

 Leadership Development 

  • Introduction to First Line Management – Making the Transition
  • Introduction to Supervisory Skill – Stepping up to Supervisor
  • Leadership Development Programme – Accredited Programmes Level 2 -5 Supervisor, First and Second Line Management/Leadership

Coaching and Mentoring

  • An introduction to coaching and mentoring
  • Understanding the process of contracting
  • Setting objectives
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation

This can be developed into a coaching and mentoring accredited programme

 Personal Resilience & Mindfulness

  • An introduction to Personal Resilience and Mindfulness.

Managing Change

  • Understand the impact of attitude on our approach to change. Exploring a step-by-step process to overcome barriers and resistance to change personally and helping others to accept change

Applied Emotional Intelligence 

  • Gaining and understanding of Emotional Intelligence exploring how it impacts of our ability to manage relationships within the workplace


  • A workshop designed to share an understanding of NLP exploring the tools and techniques, which will help you to be more effective and achieve both personal and professional goals

Communication & Influencing Skills

  • Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills
  • Human Behaviour & Communication Skills Workshops
  • Effective Communication Skills Workshop
  • Influencing Skills

Customer Relationship Manager

  • Dealing with Difficult & Distressed People and Situations
  • Exceptional Customer Relationship Management

Other Titles

  • Dynamic Presentation Skills
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Effective Personal Management (Time Management)
  • Life Strategies – Handling Pressure/Stress
  • Maintaining Personal Power
  • Managing and Contributing to Successful Meetings
  • Appraisals – How to conduct effective appraisal/ Making the most of your appraisal conversation
  • Giving and receiving feedback